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CloudOffice® Service

New Planning and Accounting System for Service Companies

Administer and control order statuses with a few clicks. Your employees work in a simple system: in the office or at job sites

You work with service contracts, keep track of performed work, control additional costs and generate invoices in one single system

You keep control over the work process with every client. The cloud system safely stores all the information about projects

CloudOffice® Service: We Help Streamline Processes in Your Service Company

a cloud system that adapts to your business


Cleaning companies

You track supplies in the warehouse. The program shows available employees and pending orders


Solar panels installation and maintenance

Generate work orders containing all task information. Employees add progress updates and designate completed tasks in the mobile application


Security systems installation

Automatically generate bill of materials. Employees know what items they need to pick at the warehouse to complete the project


Equipment repair and maintenance

You set the amount of work and the warranty period for each item covered by a service contract. The program analyses your margin for each service contract


Plumber and electrician services

Track the location of all your workers. Only employees onsite can change the status of tasks to “completed”


Construction and renovation crews

Update order details online. The program easily amends orders in case of additional costs or new tasks

Who Benefits from CloudOffice® Service
Managers see information about the items in the warehouse and staff workload in a user-friendly interface on their desktop or mobile application. Managers communicate with clients more easily and generate work orders faster
Employees see all the information about the task according to work order: type of work, supply list, scheduled time and address. Employees know what to pick at the warehouse and how much time to plan for work before visiting the job site
Quality inspectors
Managers control the quality of completed orders You can easily check bills of materials and view accumulated working hours in the system. Service quality increases, work can be carried out without downtime
Accountants and economists
Get work reports before employees come back to the office at the job site. Track completed work and additional costs easily in the mobile application. The smart system registers information and generates reports
Work team leaders
The system helps plan workloads for upcoming periods. You can view work sites and workload of the staff online in the application. User-friendly interface helps allocate personnel and finds available days to plan new work
Business owners
All the service processes are handled faster. When the work onsite is completed, the program generates invoices for the customer. The program helps you avoid cash gaps as you can run cost calculations faster
Carry out Tasks with CloudOffice®

Automate regular operations

You configure your working processes and document management in the program. Specify options for applications and reports, choose access levels for employees. Easily add new tasks to the system


Receive payments from the clients faster

When the work is done, the program generates an invoice and sends it to the client for payment.
You receive funds so that you can pay employees and suppliers, thereby avoiding cash gaps.


Working in the mobile application

In the mobile application, employees can easily search for items in the warehouse and scan barcodes. The smart system helps employees find the required supplies and writes them off


Receive information from workers onsite

The mobile application uses the GPS-tracker to keep records about all tasks assigned to employees. Workers add information about completed and upcoming tasks, as well as additional costs online. You control the workflow without any delays


Optimise employee working time

You can view the company’s planned workload for weeks and months online. The program shows how different workers are scheduled for work. You can easily plan the work time of each employee and assign projects to available workers. All employees are scheduled equally and are thus able to increase their output: they avoid idle time, keep deadlines and avoid receiving assignments located far from each other


Collect accounting of tasks, resources, and unplanned costs into one single document

With a few clicks, you can gather all data into one single document. We have configured the program so that
you can easily administer information about working time, services, items and supplies accounting.
You can view all the information about projects and service contracts in user-friendly interface. There is no need to open any other programs

Service Subsystem – a Part of the CloudOffice® Company Management System

We have combined different kinds of administration and accounting into one single program.
You do not need to work in different programs and thereby avoid potential integration

You can easily keep records of goods in the warehouse, plan work time of personnel, check
task lists and orders statuses and analyse additional project costs in a user-friendly interface

Plan Your Company's Work with a Few Clicks


You can view all the working processes in one single program: from the clients’ orders to
operational plans.

How it works:

Functionality of the CloudOffice® Service

Mobile access to the CloudOffice® system

Workers report completed tasks

You see the status of the work progress online

The system registers calls from customers and suppliers

Automated documents creation

The system generates an invoice automatically after a worker closes the order

The program saves work time data in Fortnox or in the CloudOffice® internal module

Application calculates employees’ salary based on hours worked

Planning and analytics

The program analyses current tasks and the company’s order list

The program tracks progress for each task online

The system saves statistics for each order

We Will Integrate CloudOffice® with Your Accounting Systems

If you already use a cloud system, we will extend it the with CloudOffice® Service via
integration. Data is exchanged between the systems with 100% accuracy

Learn How to Plan Service Projects with a Few Clicks